MNS Publicity provides targeted publicity campaigns primarily for conservative books and writers. Our combined experience includes launching and overseeing over 40 New York Times Best-Sellers and working with authors including:

How the West Won
by Rodney Stark

The Forgotten Man
by Amity Shlaes

by Peter Schweitzer

One Nation
by Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson
Senator Bill Frist
Mike Huckabee
Justice Clarence Thomas
Bernard Goldberg
William F. Buckley
Newt Gingrich
Ed Feulner
Amity Shlaes
Laura Ingraham
Kate O’Beirne
Ambassador Paul Bremer
Peter Schweizer
Ted Nugent
Caspar Weinberger
Robert P. George
Max Boot
David Limbaugh
Ronald Kessler
William Kristol
Edward Klein
Michelle Malkin
Dan Senor
Ed Conard
Mona Charen
Rich Lowry
Kenneth Timmerman
John McCaslin
David Brog
William J. Bennett

MNS Publicity is thrilled to work with the following organizations as well:

The George W. Bush Institute
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Manhattan Institute
Harper Collins
The Heritage Foundation
The American Enterprise Institute
Catholic Voices USA
Council on Foreign Relations
Houghtin Mifflin Harcourt

Meet the Team

Sandy Schulz

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Gwen Nappi

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Stephanie Marshall

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MNS Publicity provides a variety of services to maximize media attention for authors. We concentrate our efforts to secure interviews with:

Talk Radio
Top markets including nationally syndicated shows.
Broadcast Media
Cable and network TV.

Media Training
The MNS team can prepare anyone to maximize their media opportunities.

Print / Internet / Bloggers
Major newspapers, magazines, Internet news outlets, and bloggers.

MNS is an excellent firm I highly recommend. Their leadership and staff is both professional and timely. They gear their efforts to the news cycle and, even better, they work hard at getting ahead of it.

— Bestselling author Dr. William J. Bennett